Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plan of Attack!

So tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow I will "officially" be off and running on my journey to a new me new lifestyle. The reason tomorrow you ask? Because tomorrow is I do my Gallbladder~Liver Cleanse. Sounds fun huh? I haven't done it before, but my dad has. So tomorrow will be a light eating day, starting the cleanse in the evening and then Wednesday the bathroom and I will be very good friends. Sorry for TMI, but I need to be as open as a person writing under a pseudoname can be.

Tomorrow I will also be making a huge pot of my Veggie, Veggie Soup Baby and that will be my food for the next several days. I will eat it until it is gone, so however long that takes. I will still cook for my family of course. ~Smile~ Then after I have a good jump start, I will be doing a low carb, high lean protein diet, with lots of yummy veggies and fruit. I will be striving to keep my calories within this range: 1,250-1,550. I am still doing my best to get off soda completely, but I am going to wean myself down, so I am going to diet soda and then hopefully soon, no soda at all. I WILL be drinking no less than 90 oz. of water per day. Because I believe in the power of herbal tea, I will also drink at least 2 cups per day, honey as a sweetener~I technically already do this, so this isn't really a change.

As for exercise, this is the real crux of the matter. I will be doing a good mix of strength training and cardio workouts. I really don't have trouble with the strength training, its the cardio that gets me. I am sore, I have sore joints and muscles and so flat out, cardio is painful. But cardio is also completely needed, it isn't an option. To lose this weight pain will be involved. I know this and I am on board, but my knees and hips are quite convinced. I have several workout DVD's (one is Jillian Michaels box set and it KILLS me), I also have a couple of walking DVD's and a Pilates Burn and Firm (which is MUCH harder than it sounds).

One of the best things I have in my arsenal of weapons is Spark People. If you are trying to lose weight, you should use this site! I love it! I have joined some teams and have made connections for support. I also join in on the challenges which is good for me because I am so competitive, so I stay motivated. It also has a calorie journal, as well as a fitness journal. I love it. I can keep track of what I'm eating (calories/fat/carbs/protein) as well as the calories I am burning. It also has a wealth of information for you to read through and keep you encouraged and motivated. Oh! And there are wonderful recipes you can find on there too!! I definitely consider spark people one of my fat blasting weapons!

So I realize that this doesn't lay out my plan for losing the first 25 pounds rep by rep per se, but it does give you an idea of what I am going to do! I have set the goal that I want the first 25 pounds gone by March 9th, my darling Hubs birthday. I know that kind of sounds like a long way away, but usually I set my goals so lofty that I fail and then I give up. So this time, I am giving myself enough time. If I get it done sooner, then YAY me, I refuse to set myself up to fail anymore! I also set to buy myself a little gift at the end of each 25 pounds. This first one is a new pair of tennis shoes. I am saving back a little money here and there so that when my goal is reached, I'll already have the money!

Happy fat blasting,

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Back and I'm More Determined Than Ever Before

I realize that I have been so inconsistent. I totally let things go the last part of this year. I ate and ate whatever I wanted, I drank enough soda to float a battle ship and my clothes got tighter and tighter. I now weigh over 330. I don't have an exact number because the Wii Fit only goes up to 330. I am feeling really angry right now that I let myself get like this. Am I letting the anger go? Absolutely not!! I am going to let that anger fuel my desire for a healthier life. I am not angry at my husband, or kids or anyone else. It's my fault, I let it happen. I allowed my stress and emotions to dictate my menu's and drink choices. I chose to eat that chocolate and tacos and nachos. No more. No stress or gooey white cheese is worth my health. No more guilt, just anger. Guilt makes me want a Hersey bar, anger makes me want to work out.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my plan for my weight loss journey. I am taking it 25 pound sections. The first 25 pounds is my goal. It's easier to focus on 1 25 pound increment at a time rather than look at it as needing to lose 175 pounds.

I started reading a new book and I really like it so far. It's called the One Day Way and the lady that wrote it has lost over 200 pounds and kept it off. The whole premise of the book is one day at a time. I'm not far in it yet to expound any more, but so far it's been about making the best day of today, not what we did yesterday or can do tomorrow. Focus on today. That's what I'm going to do. Focus on today. Today is what I have control over. Yesterday (last week, last month) is gone. Tomorrow isn't here yet. Today I can control.

It's going to be a good day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getcha Head in the Game!

My head is everywhere but in the game. I have completely fallen off the wight loss journey. No exercise, regular soda, I am just a mess. In my defense, I got sick. I ended up needing ginger ale to keep from vomiting every half hour. Exercise when sick is not going to happen and so therefore, I am here. Weight loss seems impossible and I am still not feeling well. See then I feel bad for falling off the wagon and so I eat. Makes perfect sense right? Right. Eat because you are eating the wrong things. ACK! I have to break this cycle.

I have to push through this. I have to make this happen. The weight isn't just going to fall off on its own. If I want to feel better, I have to make this happen!

I have to do this. For life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soda Yes, Chocolate No

I haven't had soda all day. That is part a woot-woot statement and part a threat. *wink*

I have did however have some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate's good for you, right?? Well better for you than ding dongs and Reeses. I am doing better than I have the last two week. I have to take my successes as they are.

I watched Biggest Loser today (last weeks, I watch online a week behind) and I am not even a contestant and Jillian totally motivated me. Oh, and I bawled the whole time, emotional episode. I am reminded every time I watch that show that I can do this and that if I want this I have to GET UP AND DO IT!!! Like I should need reminding. So despite the pain today, I put my tennis shoes on, grabbed my 8 year old and walked to the complex gym. I got on that treadmill and walked a half a mile, then walked back home. Now I realize that doesn't sound like a lot, but you have to realize that I have not been consistent in my cardio workouts, been doing mostly strength training. Strength training isn't enough and I know that. I am going to walk six days a week, no excuses. There is a treadmill available if I can't walk outside, again, no excuses.

Time for some hot tea and some reading.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I have made a decision. . . no chocolate for three days. I am stopping the soda train too. I have to detox, I'm addicted.

I once read in a magazine a long time ago that if you stopped eating something for three days then you would lose you appetite for it. I don't believe it, but I have to try. I crave it, want it and even when I only have those 100 calorie things in the house I eat too many right now. I mean sometimes those 100 calorie things just give me the taste of chocolate I need to stir up a wicked craving I can't get rid of. Like I said yesterday I am on a slippery slope, a slope made of chocolate and wild cherry pepsi. I also need to give up soda all together, diet isn't good for me either. I justify the diet though because it has no calories and all the flavor. It's bad for me, I know that, but I crave soda too. The question is why. Why do I crave it so badly? There is nothing in soda that is good for me, nothing. Why is this so hard for me to give up?

Enough whining. . . on to other things. I'll have to figure out those answers over time.

Now that it looks like the weather has cleared up a little, I plan on taking part of my exercising outdoors. I am going to walk. I may even throw in a little running. OUCH!! Sorry, my knees ached at the thought. I don't want to be a runner. It is not my high and lofty goal to run marathons and break records, but I think adding some interval running into my routine would definitely help! I am planning on participating the Komen Race for the Cure sometime next year and not coming in last is on the priority list. I say sometime next year because I am not sure which one I'll participate in. I will also be participating the in American Heart Association's Heart Walk in St. Louis, in May. It isn't a race, but I still don't want to be puffing my way through it. I said all that to say that, running a few intervals could be very beneficial. Hopefully, my knees will agree.

I am expecting great things this week, what about you?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obiviously I Am Weak

Jump start week as not been successful. ARGH!!

I had a major case of the munchies and anything that was unhealthy was on the list. It started with pizza Friday night and went down hill from there. I have been on a slippery slope of ding dongs and Big Red soda since. My beloved Veggie soup is still sitting the fridge patiently waiting on me. I refuse to quit just because of a couple days of insanity. Back on track today, no excuses.

I am home from church today with a sick kiddo, so I might as well use it wisely. I've read my Bible and prayed~~taking care of the spiritual. Now off to workout~~taking care of the physical. I am also working on my plan for the week (food and exercise), plans keep me on track! I am really trying to find a breakfast solution that is fast, healthy and packed with a balance of protein and carbs. Breakfast is so important and I am terrible about not eating anything until 10 or 11 o'clock~~not good.

Well, I am done rambling for now. Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jump Start Week

Yesterday day I started my jump start program, you know the one that gets your metabolism going again. I am eating my Veggie, Veggie Soup Baby soup this week (started Tuesday) and I am also eating it again next week. I will probably hate it by then, but it does it's job. LOL

I am also jump starting my exercise by, well, exercising consistently for one thing and also by doing more cardio than I normally do. I have fibromyalgia and some arthritis and so cardio is sometimes (most times actually) painful, but I have to push through it and do it anyway. I love strength training and I do a lot of calisthenic type exercises. I also plan on walking some outside with my kids, but this crazy rain keeps me in doors right now.

I have to say that dieting is probably my least favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. A lifestyle change is necessary, I'm saving my life by making these changes. Fortunately I am not alone. God is strengthening me and my resolve to GET IT DONE. My scripture focus for this week is, "I can do everything through Christ, who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 I realize that I got myself into this oversized problem, but I know that God loves me enough to give me the strength I need to finish the job.

My Veggie, Veggie Soup Baby recipe is in the post right below this one. Take a peek, you might like it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soup, Soup, Lovely Fat Blasting Soup!

Whenever I feel like I need a metabolism boost, I go on a week of extremely healthy, veggie soup. I use my crock pot and cook it for hours. I make a lot and I eat it for lunch and dinner everyday for a week. Sometimes for dinner I'll add a very lean, perfect portion, grilled chicken breast on the side for some protein. The lovely thing about my veggie soup is that it is very filling, very yummy and it is chalked full of nutrients! Another great thing about veggie soup is that you can tailor it to fit you and what you like. This makes a LOT of soup, I use my 5 quart crock pot. Scale it up or down to fit your needs. Here's what I like:

Veggie, Veggie Soup Baby!

1 64 ounces can of V8
32 oz of peas (frozen or canned, your choice)
32 oz of corn (I prefer frozen)
4 diced potatoes
48 oz of green beans
24 oz of cole slaw mix (one bag and half of another, I like lots of cabbage!)
Carrots (as much or little as you like)
Spices: basil, thyme, crushed red pepper and rosemary (use to your taste)

~Pour the V8 juice into your crock pot on the high temp setting, I add all my spices except red pepper in at this time.
~Cabbage mix goes in first, cook for two and a half hours on high
~Then add potatoes and carrots, cook for another hour and a half
~Then add in the rest of your veggies and the crushed red pepper and cook until everything is nice and tender

Really easy and really delicious and super healthy. A serving which is about 2 cups is about 180 calories!! I have made it with other veggies too, like squash and zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. Sometimes I leave the potato out completely. Make it the way you like it and eat up. Its a wonderful way to get your veggies, feel full and kick your metabolism into overdrive!

~~Remember that you should be eating other, low calorie protein filled food (like skim string cheese) to get the protein you need for building and repairing muscle.~~

Digging My Heals In

Hello!! I am Joy. I am a very overweight mom and who wants to blog her way to a healthier lifestyle. I am on a journey. Won't you come join me, I know I need all the support I can get!

I am an Apostolic mom to three beautiful, funny, bright and super active kids. I don't want to be the mom I am now. The mom who can't go down the slide because her bum is too wide. The mom who can't run around the playground because her lungs might explode. I mean, I am a hefty gal and I would hate for the headlines to read, "Overweight mom has a heart attack playing soccer with her four year old". So it's time to put action to what I want to be, rather than sit on the sidelines and hope.

I have been over weight for as long as I can remember. I came from a loving and stable home. I liked to eat. I liked all the sweets and the starches (potatoes remain a favorite). I had lots of friends at school, but I also had lots of harassers. You know those mean kids who loved to point out that I was fat, chubby, fluffy or whatever you call it. As I grew older, like Junior High and High School, I have to say that life was difficult. I still had friends, but I was teased mercilessly by "the others". My heart was as heavy as my outside shell. I never told my parents. I never told anyone. No one except those kids who watched my humiliation knew anything was even being said to me. I learned that eating a chocolate bar eased my pain. By the time I graduated I was at my then, all time heaviest. I have now exceeded that. I went off to college and life was pretty good, but I still leaned on food and soda for stress relief. But college was good for me, because I was happy. I lost 34 pounds as a freshman and was down 4 dress sizes from the time I started school.

I met my now husband~~Amazing Man~~during the summer after my freshman year of college. We fell in love and married ten months after meeting. We had our first child a year and two months later. As life got stressful, I ate. And ate. And ate. And now 10 years and four kids later, I am at my all time heaviest. . . 325 pounds. I can't believe I just posted that. I used to say, I'll never get that big. Here I am, that big.

At the beginning of 2009, I had every intention of losing 100 pounds this year. Needless to say, I actually gained 10 pounds from the beginning of the year. I am taking control over my emotions. I am taking control over my addictions. I have known God in a personal way my whole life, I didn't need food to soothe me. I am tapping into God for a whole new purpose~~slaying my food addiction giant! I have faith for provision and healing and all sorts of things, but I never tapped into my faith for help in this area of my life.

I believe in the verse that says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me"~~Philippians 4:13. I know I can't do this myself. I have tried many times and failed. This time I am going to do this the right way, with God helping me.

My name is Joy. I weigh 325 pounds and I know I can't lose all this weight on my own. I hope you'll join me in this process of weeding through the hurt and food that got me here.