Monday, November 2, 2009


I have made a decision. . . no chocolate for three days. I am stopping the soda train too. I have to detox, I'm addicted.

I once read in a magazine a long time ago that if you stopped eating something for three days then you would lose you appetite for it. I don't believe it, but I have to try. I crave it, want it and even when I only have those 100 calorie things in the house I eat too many right now. I mean sometimes those 100 calorie things just give me the taste of chocolate I need to stir up a wicked craving I can't get rid of. Like I said yesterday I am on a slippery slope, a slope made of chocolate and wild cherry pepsi. I also need to give up soda all together, diet isn't good for me either. I justify the diet though because it has no calories and all the flavor. It's bad for me, I know that, but I crave soda too. The question is why. Why do I crave it so badly? There is nothing in soda that is good for me, nothing. Why is this so hard for me to give up?

Enough whining. . . on to other things. I'll have to figure out those answers over time.

Now that it looks like the weather has cleared up a little, I plan on taking part of my exercising outdoors. I am going to walk. I may even throw in a little running. OUCH!! Sorry, my knees ached at the thought. I don't want to be a runner. It is not my high and lofty goal to run marathons and break records, but I think adding some interval running into my routine would definitely help! I am planning on participating the Komen Race for the Cure sometime next year and not coming in last is on the priority list. I say sometime next year because I am not sure which one I'll participate in. I will also be participating the in American Heart Association's Heart Walk in St. Louis, in May. It isn't a race, but I still don't want to be puffing my way through it. I said all that to say that, running a few intervals could be very beneficial. Hopefully, my knees will agree.

I am expecting great things this week, what about you?

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