Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plan of Attack!

So tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow I will "officially" be off and running on my journey to a new me new lifestyle. The reason tomorrow you ask? Because tomorrow is I do my Gallbladder~Liver Cleanse. Sounds fun huh? I haven't done it before, but my dad has. So tomorrow will be a light eating day, starting the cleanse in the evening and then Wednesday the bathroom and I will be very good friends. Sorry for TMI, but I need to be as open as a person writing under a pseudoname can be.

Tomorrow I will also be making a huge pot of my Veggie, Veggie Soup Baby and that will be my food for the next several days. I will eat it until it is gone, so however long that takes. I will still cook for my family of course. ~Smile~ Then after I have a good jump start, I will be doing a low carb, high lean protein diet, with lots of yummy veggies and fruit. I will be striving to keep my calories within this range: 1,250-1,550. I am still doing my best to get off soda completely, but I am going to wean myself down, so I am going to diet soda and then hopefully soon, no soda at all. I WILL be drinking no less than 90 oz. of water per day. Because I believe in the power of herbal tea, I will also drink at least 2 cups per day, honey as a sweetener~I technically already do this, so this isn't really a change.

As for exercise, this is the real crux of the matter. I will be doing a good mix of strength training and cardio workouts. I really don't have trouble with the strength training, its the cardio that gets me. I am sore, I have sore joints and muscles and so flat out, cardio is painful. But cardio is also completely needed, it isn't an option. To lose this weight pain will be involved. I know this and I am on board, but my knees and hips are quite convinced. I have several workout DVD's (one is Jillian Michaels box set and it KILLS me), I also have a couple of walking DVD's and a Pilates Burn and Firm (which is MUCH harder than it sounds).

One of the best things I have in my arsenal of weapons is Spark People. If you are trying to lose weight, you should use this site! I love it! I have joined some teams and have made connections for support. I also join in on the challenges which is good for me because I am so competitive, so I stay motivated. It also has a calorie journal, as well as a fitness journal. I love it. I can keep track of what I'm eating (calories/fat/carbs/protein) as well as the calories I am burning. It also has a wealth of information for you to read through and keep you encouraged and motivated. Oh! And there are wonderful recipes you can find on there too!! I definitely consider spark people one of my fat blasting weapons!

So I realize that this doesn't lay out my plan for losing the first 25 pounds rep by rep per se, but it does give you an idea of what I am going to do! I have set the goal that I want the first 25 pounds gone by March 9th, my darling Hubs birthday. I know that kind of sounds like a long way away, but usually I set my goals so lofty that I fail and then I give up. So this time, I am giving myself enough time. If I get it done sooner, then YAY me, I refuse to set myself up to fail anymore! I also set to buy myself a little gift at the end of each 25 pounds. This first one is a new pair of tennis shoes. I am saving back a little money here and there so that when my goal is reached, I'll already have the money!

Happy fat blasting,

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Back and I'm More Determined Than Ever Before

I realize that I have been so inconsistent. I totally let things go the last part of this year. I ate and ate whatever I wanted, I drank enough soda to float a battle ship and my clothes got tighter and tighter. I now weigh over 330. I don't have an exact number because the Wii Fit only goes up to 330. I am feeling really angry right now that I let myself get like this. Am I letting the anger go? Absolutely not!! I am going to let that anger fuel my desire for a healthier life. I am not angry at my husband, or kids or anyone else. It's my fault, I let it happen. I allowed my stress and emotions to dictate my menu's and drink choices. I chose to eat that chocolate and tacos and nachos. No more. No stress or gooey white cheese is worth my health. No more guilt, just anger. Guilt makes me want a Hersey bar, anger makes me want to work out.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my plan for my weight loss journey. I am taking it 25 pound sections. The first 25 pounds is my goal. It's easier to focus on 1 25 pound increment at a time rather than look at it as needing to lose 175 pounds.

I started reading a new book and I really like it so far. It's called the One Day Way and the lady that wrote it has lost over 200 pounds and kept it off. The whole premise of the book is one day at a time. I'm not far in it yet to expound any more, but so far it's been about making the best day of today, not what we did yesterday or can do tomorrow. Focus on today. That's what I'm going to do. Focus on today. Today is what I have control over. Yesterday (last week, last month) is gone. Tomorrow isn't here yet. Today I can control.

It's going to be a good day.