Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soda Yes, Chocolate No

I haven't had soda all day. That is part a woot-woot statement and part a threat. *wink*

I have did however have some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate's good for you, right?? Well better for you than ding dongs and Reeses. I am doing better than I have the last two week. I have to take my successes as they are.

I watched Biggest Loser today (last weeks, I watch online a week behind) and I am not even a contestant and Jillian totally motivated me. Oh, and I bawled the whole time, emotional episode. I am reminded every time I watch that show that I can do this and that if I want this I have to GET UP AND DO IT!!! Like I should need reminding. So despite the pain today, I put my tennis shoes on, grabbed my 8 year old and walked to the complex gym. I got on that treadmill and walked a half a mile, then walked back home. Now I realize that doesn't sound like a lot, but you have to realize that I have not been consistent in my cardio workouts, been doing mostly strength training. Strength training isn't enough and I know that. I am going to walk six days a week, no excuses. There is a treadmill available if I can't walk outside, again, no excuses.

Time for some hot tea and some reading.

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