Monday, May 3, 2010


My emotions have been getting the best of me. And I eat my emotions. So lets just say that my weight loss is not going so great. I love to exercise. I enjoy it, but my eating is keeping me from losing weight. I do really well and then suddenly I fall to pieces and eat everything in sight!! I hate that!!

I did have a long night with Mr. Man-of-the-House last night and I know that he is trying to be helpful but for some reason I don't process it. He loves me no matter what, but he wants me to be around for awhile and if I am going to do that I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT. Its such a daunting thought that I need to lose 180 pounds to be in my healthy BMI range. That's so much weight, I feel overwhelmed. I know others have done it and even lost more than that. I can too. I just really need to get my head in this game.

I am going to start posting here everyday. I am going to starting thinking with a positive attitude instead of a defeated one. I am going back to the one day at a time and celebrate my daily successes. Most of the time I don't think to positively about myself which leads to defeatedness which leads to Ding-dongs and Reeses. I have to break the cycle. I will.

I will.