Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getcha Head in the Game!

My head is everywhere but in the game. I have completely fallen off the wight loss journey. No exercise, regular soda, I am just a mess. In my defense, I got sick. I ended up needing ginger ale to keep from vomiting every half hour. Exercise when sick is not going to happen and so therefore, I am here. Weight loss seems impossible and I am still not feeling well. See then I feel bad for falling off the wagon and so I eat. Makes perfect sense right? Right. Eat because you are eating the wrong things. ACK! I have to break this cycle.

I have to push through this. I have to make this happen. The weight isn't just going to fall off on its own. If I want to feel better, I have to make this happen!

I have to do this. For life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soda Yes, Chocolate No

I haven't had soda all day. That is part a woot-woot statement and part a threat. *wink*

I have did however have some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate's good for you, right?? Well better for you than ding dongs and Reeses. I am doing better than I have the last two week. I have to take my successes as they are.

I watched Biggest Loser today (last weeks, I watch online a week behind) and I am not even a contestant and Jillian totally motivated me. Oh, and I bawled the whole time, emotional episode. I am reminded every time I watch that show that I can do this and that if I want this I have to GET UP AND DO IT!!! Like I should need reminding. So despite the pain today, I put my tennis shoes on, grabbed my 8 year old and walked to the complex gym. I got on that treadmill and walked a half a mile, then walked back home. Now I realize that doesn't sound like a lot, but you have to realize that I have not been consistent in my cardio workouts, been doing mostly strength training. Strength training isn't enough and I know that. I am going to walk six days a week, no excuses. There is a treadmill available if I can't walk outside, again, no excuses.

Time for some hot tea and some reading.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I have made a decision. . . no chocolate for three days. I am stopping the soda train too. I have to detox, I'm addicted.

I once read in a magazine a long time ago that if you stopped eating something for three days then you would lose you appetite for it. I don't believe it, but I have to try. I crave it, want it and even when I only have those 100 calorie things in the house I eat too many right now. I mean sometimes those 100 calorie things just give me the taste of chocolate I need to stir up a wicked craving I can't get rid of. Like I said yesterday I am on a slippery slope, a slope made of chocolate and wild cherry pepsi. I also need to give up soda all together, diet isn't good for me either. I justify the diet though because it has no calories and all the flavor. It's bad for me, I know that, but I crave soda too. The question is why. Why do I crave it so badly? There is nothing in soda that is good for me, nothing. Why is this so hard for me to give up?

Enough whining. . . on to other things. I'll have to figure out those answers over time.

Now that it looks like the weather has cleared up a little, I plan on taking part of my exercising outdoors. I am going to walk. I may even throw in a little running. OUCH!! Sorry, my knees ached at the thought. I don't want to be a runner. It is not my high and lofty goal to run marathons and break records, but I think adding some interval running into my routine would definitely help! I am planning on participating the Komen Race for the Cure sometime next year and not coming in last is on the priority list. I say sometime next year because I am not sure which one I'll participate in. I will also be participating the in American Heart Association's Heart Walk in St. Louis, in May. It isn't a race, but I still don't want to be puffing my way through it. I said all that to say that, running a few intervals could be very beneficial. Hopefully, my knees will agree.

I am expecting great things this week, what about you?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obiviously I Am Weak

Jump start week as not been successful. ARGH!!

I had a major case of the munchies and anything that was unhealthy was on the list. It started with pizza Friday night and went down hill from there. I have been on a slippery slope of ding dongs and Big Red soda since. My beloved Veggie soup is still sitting the fridge patiently waiting on me. I refuse to quit just because of a couple days of insanity. Back on track today, no excuses.

I am home from church today with a sick kiddo, so I might as well use it wisely. I've read my Bible and prayed~~taking care of the spiritual. Now off to workout~~taking care of the physical. I am also working on my plan for the week (food and exercise), plans keep me on track! I am really trying to find a breakfast solution that is fast, healthy and packed with a balance of protein and carbs. Breakfast is so important and I am terrible about not eating anything until 10 or 11 o'clock~~not good.

Well, I am done rambling for now. Have a blessed Sunday!