Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getcha Head in the Game!

My head is everywhere but in the game. I have completely fallen off the wight loss journey. No exercise, regular soda, I am just a mess. In my defense, I got sick. I ended up needing ginger ale to keep from vomiting every half hour. Exercise when sick is not going to happen and so therefore, I am here. Weight loss seems impossible and I am still not feeling well. See then I feel bad for falling off the wagon and so I eat. Makes perfect sense right? Right. Eat because you are eating the wrong things. ACK! I have to break this cycle.

I have to push through this. I have to make this happen. The weight isn't just going to fall off on its own. If I want to feel better, I have to make this happen!

I have to do this. For life.

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