Friday, July 23, 2010

The Day the Mini Doughnuts Won

I have been doing so well. Monitoring my calories and being well within my range everyday. I have been exercising daily and increasing my intensity everyday. I am back to drinking at least 10 cups of water everyday.

Then yesterday evening happened.

We went out to eat. The food I ate tasted good. And I didn't really eat a lot of it, but I left feeling like I had eaten a brick. I was full and miserable.

I stopped at the market to pick up some juice and milk for the family and I made the mistake of taking my four year old in with me. I lovingly refer to him as my Sparkplug and he wanted doughnuts. Powered and chocolate covered. Now, I don't buy these items very often. Maybe once a month, maybe even less than that. My kids love fruit and veg and, well, doughnuts. I thought about it and I said okay. No reason they shouldn't have a treat just because I am trying to get healthy and lose weight.

Powered doughnuts have no hold on me whatsoever. I could care less. I should have just bought those. Chocolate doughnuts on the other hand, well, they call my name from the bag. They may even call my name from the grocery store and I live to far away to hear it. I resisted, until this afternoon.

Then all was lost. I found myself having downed 9 miniature doughnuts, which for mini doughnuts pack a wallop in the calorie department. I am so mad! At me! Just call me Joy Self-sabotage!!

So between last night and today, I feel awful. Yes, I feel guilty, but more importantly I FEEL awful, physically. I am tired. My stomach is arguing with me about my choices and my head is pounding. I was feeling so good. My fibro flare was all but out. My arthritis pain was 80% better. I didn't feel like I was walking around in a fog anymore. I didn't enjoy that meal last night. Yes as the food was passing my tongue I did, but afterward I just felt YUCKY! Then now, as I type this, I could just lay my head down and nap!

So now that I've properly kicked myself in the back-side I will pick myself up and I will go work out. I will work these doughnuts off. Watermelon for dinner!

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