Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Victory is MINE!

I have been stuck at 320. I couldn't seem to get past that number. I would lose to that and then go back up. I was getting really frustrated!

Yesterday I weighed. I weighed four days before that. I had lost 4.5 pounds in 4 days.

Bigger news is the fact that I smashed through 320.

I will NEVER see that number again. EVER.

I have decided that I'm not going to make my goal to 299 by then end of July. I have only myself to blame, I wasted about 4 weeks not doing everything possible to lose weight. I am just a little disappointed, but I will not let this missed goal define this journey. Its a journey and I am sure that many missed goals will come along. So I will make a new goal for that 299!

My goal is to weigh 299 on August 20, 2010. I will commit to these things to reach my goal:

~~I will stay within my calorie goal everyday by eating healthy, nutrient dense food!
~~I will drink no less than 12 cups of water everyday!
~~I will do 60 minutes of cardio everyday! (minimum)
~~I will do my established yoga routine everyday!
~~I will do strength training, core, upper and lower on days assigned.
~~I will keep writing in my journal and stay positive.

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