Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big WOO HOO Moments!!

Last night we had a Bible study at a local pizzeria. I only had one piece of pizza~AND WAS FULL! And as I went to pay for our meal, there were these huge delicious looking brownines. I admit, I wanted one. Just because I am committed to losing weight doesn't mean a brownie doesn't sound good. Anyway, I was up at the counter several time throughout the evening. The old Joy would have brought her gigantic purse up there, bought one, hid it in the purse and then ate it when everyone else went to bed. I didn't buy the brownie. I walked out of there with my head held high and proud of the fact that I didn't over-indulge in the pizza and that I DID NOT buy that HUGE brownie!

Well, I weighed today and I have to admit, I was hoping for a bigger number on the scale. I did lose 3 pounds this week, but I was feeling confident that it was 4 or 5. So then I decided to do measurements. I hadn't measured in almost a month. No reason too, when you know you are failing in the loss department.

I am so HAPPY and proud!!

Over various body regions I have shed 12.75 inches!!! I was totally thrilled!!! I mean I've really struggled in the last month and its really only been the last 11 days that I have really been completely committed to both the exercising and the nutrition!! I was exercising but not eating completely great and at times my exercise was lacking in intensity! So to see this loss has really given me the motivation to keep going. Sometimes the numbers on the scale aren't adequately showing the whole truth of the matter!!

Even better than all that. . . food doesn't taste the same to me. Food that I used to love, pizza, tator tots, cheddar bites, etc (all fast food) doesn't even taste good to me. I am loving the veg and fruit and would rather have that!!

So it's been a good week and I am excited to see the number continue to drop!

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  1. What a great victory! I am so proud of you!!
    @ShawneeH, Your Mamavation Sista