Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Know your limits...but never stop trying to exceed them.

- Anonymous

"Many of us use our "limitations" as a stop sign for reaching our goals. While knowing our limits can safeguard us against injury and embarrassment, too often we use them as avoidance methods in our lives. What is holding you back from reaching your goals? How can you push beyond your comfort zone in a healthy way? Many dieters experience such limitations in on their weight loss journeys. Our bodies and minds are capable of overcoming much more than we could ever imagine if we just try. Today set new goals that may push you a little. Overcoming your personal hang-ups and fears may be one of the most rewarding choices you'll ever make!"

This little article is from Sparkpeople and was in my email box a few days ago. I am just now getting to it because, well I had a lot of email to go through. This article really got me thinking about excuses and how often times in my own life and I'm sure others that, two things here; 1. the limitations were self imposed, thinking I couldn't do something and 2. and that it was easier to use those limitations than to put in the hard work needed to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, we all have real limits, but for me I know that I sold myself short. I also used my fibromyalgia (which is no joke, believe me) to not work out the way I should. And even if I couldn't work out that day because of pain, the fibromyalgia did not force me to eat those ding-dongs and drink cherry pepsi. Just saying.

I remember when I wouldn't really use my exercise ball because I thought I couldn't do it. I thought I would fall, or be too heavy to THAT exercise or I'm not strong enough. I was constantly telling myself I couldn't, until one day I said, I'm going to try it out. If I fall, I fall, but I need to try. You know what happened? I did the whole workout without falling one time. I surprised even myself! I also said the same thing about doing the Plank. I believed I couldn't do it. Then one day I said, I should try just to see. Fully expecting to drop down in about 3 seconds, was I surprised when I held pose for about 21 seconds. I was shocked.

Now several months later I'm pushing myself more than ever than I have in a LONG time. We all know our limits, just make sure that those limits are not a mental block and are true limits.

I have a goal in mind and its going to require me to push myself. Push past the sore knee and ankle (but not to injury). Push past the tiredness of body and mind. Keep focused on the goal and do what I know I have to and what I can.

I am strong. I am capable. I am going to win this battle of flab. I will be fabulous. Fabulously healthy.

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