Friday, January 8, 2010


Years ago Hubby told me that when I took off all the weight I wanted he would buy me a completely new wardrobe. Well, he'll have too otherwise I'll be naked. See he wants to buy me expensive clothes, clothes I don't normally buy for myself (I shop Cato, he's talking Ann Taylor and Talbots). I could never shop those stores because I am too big. So today I have been browsing sites looking at the clothes I might, no WILL be wearing someday soon. I told him to start saving his pennies, because 2010 is my year to get fit and healthy and shop, shop, shop!

I have been creating my wardrobe, you know the essential pieces. I'll need this for sure. This looks too comfy not to have in my closet. I want this too. I love this and this and this. Next fall, this will be in my closet next to this and this (purple only!)!! He better save quarters instead of pennies!! Ha!

And we haven't touched on accessories! I love purses and shoes and in this area my tastes tend to run toward the expensive. I love Nine West, it's my favorite! This is just too cute!! And there is a hobo version, which is normally how big of a purse I carry! There are too many cute purses to even keep looking. If I could just run out and buy what shoes I want I would grab these and these and these and so many more!! Make that saving his dollars!! Ha!

Okay, that's enough daydreaming for now. I am still doing really well. I was a little off yesterday, just so tired. So I didn't work out yesterday (my bootcamp video) but I stayed within calorie range and did a lot of heavy cleaning (burns calories too ya know). But today, I am back up to full speed and have done two boot camp workouts, yesterdays and the one for today. I am also back up on water intake too. I drank it yesterday, just not my usual 90 ounces. I am on day 12 of no regular soda!! Woo Hoo!!

I can truly say I have had a successful week. The weekend is usually where I lose it, so I am hoping to keep all things in check this weekend!!

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