Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Going to ROCK August!!

August is going to be my MAKE IT BIG month! Or maybe I should say, make it smaller month! I plan breaking 300 this month! I will be, at least, 299 by the end of August. I haven't seen 299 since December 2007. Two and half years is a long time to be in the 300's.

Actually I want to be 299 by August 22. So 295 by the end of the month?? I'm kissing the 300's GOODBYE!!!!

I believe it is totally doable! Especially since this morning I weighed and I am down another 2 pounds making me 314.1! This is the lowest I've weighed in over a year!!!! That means I've lost 21 pounds since January (with a nearly four month hiatus in fitness)!!! WOO HOO!!! I am so excited!! It's these little milestones that keep you going to the next one.

I have joined HealthyLoserGal and other interwebbies in the Awesome August Challenge. I am excited and ready to see all that we accomplish!! If you want to join in and make August Awesome, for fun and fitness, click on the link and check it out!!

August is going to be AWESOME!

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