Monday, September 13, 2010

Changing My Focus

I have yet again decided to change up my plan a little. I was putting an unbelievable amount of stress on myself to lose a certain number of pounds, by a certain date. Now I realize that we call that a goal, but I had become obsessed with making that deadline and I ended up putting my health (and sanity) at risk.

So, as I have said before I am on Sparkpeople and I started a new Biggest Loser Challenge today. Its a ten week challenge and I am co-captain of a team. I have been a part of this team for over a year now and we have different challenges and then when not in a challenge we keep each other motivated. I love it. So BLC 15 started today and one of the things we always do the first week is decide on our goals for the challenge. I really took time to think about it, I wanted to make wise goals. For this challenge instead of saying that I was going to drop a crazy amount of weight, I decided to make my goal focused on my food. Tracking every single thing that I eat or drink. Staying within my calorie range, keeping evening snacks to a minimum and eating at least seven servings of freggies per day. Also trying out fresh, new recipes and eating all (or almost all) of our meals at home. Of course I also have exercise goals for each day that I want to hit, but I'm not focusing on the scale this time. Whatever happens on the scale is just an added benefit.

See I have a tendency to throw all the attention on the scale, doing really well on the food for 3 even 4 weeks at a time. I get discouraged with the scale and go buy a box of donuts (thinking why am I sacrificing the good stuff for no return). I have to change the eating habits, permanently, if I am even going to get this weight off and kept off!!! If I develop the eating and exercising (the lifestyle), the scale will follow. It doesn't have a choice, it just may not be in my time frame.

Do I want to get below 300? More than you know. Am I going to obsess and stress over it? Not anymore. I'll do what I can and accept the weight loss I'm getting as it comes.

As a side note I've been soda free for 50 days!!! I think I deserve a chip to put on my key chain!

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