Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of Podcasts and Running

I don't know how vocal I've been on this blog about starting the C25K program (I was supposed to start in Feb but the illness kept me from beginning) and so this week I get to start!! Actually today. I will be on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule for now. I may change that a little later but for now that's fine. I am really excited about running. I haven't really figured out why. See I was always the one that would say, "why run unless someone is chasing me", but now I really see myself going for this. Maybe its the challenge of it, because I KNOW it will challenge me. I usually walk in the Start Heart Walk in St. Louis and I only do the mile. But his year I was to do the 5K portion and I want to run it!! That's my goal. I have a group of friends walking with me, so I may have to walk the one mile portion with them and then run the rest. Either way, I will run!!

I really love listening to podcasts. I listen while I clean, while I fold and put away laundry, while I do dishes. I also listen to music, but a good podcast is great! So I was thrilled to come across Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast. It's MizFit and DietGirl teamed up for a podcast. Its a pretty recent thing, only about 10 episodes, but I thoroughly love it!! Go visit Two Fit Chicks and listen to a podcast or all of them!

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  1. Thanks for this... I just got my ipod and was looking for some interesting Podcasts!